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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year End Catch Up

I can't believe it has been so long since I've posted on my blog!!! The days have flown by and it is the end of 2010. Where has the time gone?

At any rate it is time to catch up with what has happened since my "vacation" class time at Sweet Briar back in June with a few photos. One of the things a bobbin lace maker needs is the proper threads....well not just lace makers, but any stitcher lol Here are some of the threads I purchased. These are truly lace weight threads. The smallest Finca labeled thread (second from the top) is a size 100. That is even smaller than the smallest size tatting thread I've used. Two of the other Finca labeled threads are size 40 (one white, one ecru). I also purchased a Finca in ecru size 50. I also purchased two spools of Egyptian Cotton size 50/2 (one white, one ecru). At this stage of the lace making game I don't know what the difference between 50/2 and 50 is, but I expect I'll eventually learn. The remaining eight spools of colored thread...couldn't resist buying colors...are all size 34/2. Again, I have no idea what the /2 means, but I have a lot to learn.

The next single spool is a #50 pure Irish Linen crochet thread. I can use it for lace making and tatting as well as crochet.

I figured while I was at it that I might as well treat myself to a birthday present which was coming up in a couple of weeks. So that is just what I did. Two beautifully decorated and painted bobbins. The third bobbin, the one on top, is the convention commemorative bobbin which is a "must have". Since blue is one of my favorite colors, I purchased a blue one that has a vine of morning glories painted on it. The middle bobbin is painted with gorgeous gold butterflies. There is also a small butterfly on the large bead.

Also for sale were some different style Midland bobbins. They are made of rare woods and weighted which eleminates the need of spangles. Haven't had a chance to try out these new bobbins as yet.

Well, it has been a while since posting, so invariably I mixed up the next three photos. No big deal. Will just mention them in the order they are shown. This first photo is of my new pillow cover cloth as yet unadorned other than the purchased lace trim that was given to me.

Here is the same cover cloth with the addition of a tatted hedgehog. For those that don't know, the hedgehog is the mascot of lace makers. The quills represent the many bobbins a lace maker needs to use.

Aha! Underneath the cover lies my newest lace making pillow. It is known as a "block" pillow. The individual blocks make moving the lace a simple matter. BTW I did cover this pillow myself. The individual blocks of styrofoam were first covered with felt and then with cotton to insure a long lasting pillow.

This last photo shows a sweater I knitted as a teaching piece. Two techniques were covered with this sweater. First the student learned to knit the body in the round, thus eliminating the need to sew up side seams upon completion. The second technique was to knit bind off the shoulder seams, again eliminating the need to sew these seams. This particular student had stopped knitting years ago because she "hated" to sew up seams. Hee, hee, I fooled her. Her next sweater included sewing underarm sleeve seams only. Again we incorporated the body in the round and did knit bind off shoulder seams. BUT. this time we picked up stitches around the armhole and knit the sleeves down. Because we had put a lace pattern in the upper body, we used the lace pattern in the sleeves and she had to sew the underarm seams up. She now feels very comfortable seaming her knits. Over the Christmas break she is knitting a ribbed cowl and I'm knitting socks.

Just discovered I have more photos to share, but need to edit first, so maybe I'll begin 2011 with a January post. Until next time
HAPPY NEW YEAR and don't make any resolutions you can't keep!


At 2/02/2011 08:40:00 AM, Blogger Susan said...

Love that sweater, without any sleeves! Just the kind of thing I like to wear, with and without something underneath. Never going to knit, though. Your lace-making purchases are so interesting to me. About the only part I really understood was the word "thread." LOL but it's interesting, nevertheless. The bobbins are beautiful. I do know how you use them, having seen your lace-making at the beginning, but I'm guessing these are for decorative purposes only.

At 2/03/2011 05:25:00 AM, Blogger NormaH said...

Hi Susan, yes, right now the special bobbins are decorative, but hope one day to be proficient enough to use them.


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