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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Early? or Late?

I don't think blogger is going to let me add the rest of my pics so guess I'll have to add them at a later date along with some of this year's completed Christmas items. Every year for the past 50 I have made at least one new ornie for the tree. Some have been given to the children and grandchildren and of course I can't use all of them every year. The first photo shows a few counted cross-stitch ornaments including two that are beaded; the butterfly at the top left and the stable with star on the bottom right.
More counted cross-stitch including one in a cathedral windows quilt pattern. The angel at the top has a "gold" needle in her hand. Several different finishing techniques were used including braid (top right), and fringe (on the tree at bottom left).

Here are some miscellanous techniques: top left - spool doll, top center - battenburg lace, top right Brazilian Embroidery. In the middle - some call it chicken scratch but I was told it is Teneriffe Lace. There has been a big discussion on the name of this technique on one of my lists this past week and I've discovered several other names for my gingham ornie thanks to one of my Aussie friends. Bottom left is candlwicking and bottom right is drawn thread.

The two really small pieces in the center are petite point (the lower one is done with Balger threads) and the others in this photo are Bargello.

These next three ornaments are knitted......... yes, the snowflake at the top is knitted on size 0 needles. Santa has fringe for his beard with a jingle bell at the tip of his stocking cap.

These next two photos are all Hardanger......... sorry the gold one on the bottom left of the top pic doesn't show up very well. The red design also doesn't show up and it has a scalloped border.

The pink angel is very, very easy to do and I used a varigated thread on the pink hardanger fabric. The bottom left has a Santa face worked on it and thus the lace part is his beard.

This photo just did not want to work well for me at all. You can see a really good pic of the angel on the tree. These ornaments are all pulled thread and several have counted cross-stitch worked on them.

These five ornaments are wood with cq seam treatments over the ribbon in the center of each. This was a kit given to me where you applied the ribbon and embroidery over the wood center and placed it in a frame. I really need to re-do this photo as these really are pretty.

These four are Blackwork.......... only I used red threads with the ones on the left and blue threads with the 'pillows' on the right. The top one in the embroidery hoop frame has a satin back and ruffle; the bottom red one is totally reversable.

A few more of my tatted ornaments. The one on the top right has a rose center. One of the names in the Old Testament for Jesus is "the Rose of Sharon".

More tatted ornies........ the long thing icyclie one is tatted of Balger braid.

At last we come to the bottom of the tree. The four buildings: farm house, church, post office and dry goods shop were done in plastic canvas. There are two more buildings in this set and they were WIP's in Dec. 2006 but I have just completed them so I need pics of them. Under the tree is the fan pattern tree skirt I knitted several years ago. There are some ornaments hanging I do not have other pics of as they are dimensional and a little harder to photograph like the gold knitted bell on the bottom left, the red satin ball in the center with tatting on the top and a beaded house with Santa on top under the Hardanger tassel.

The star on top is beaded. The Santa at the top left is an antique Victorian piece handed down through my hubby's family and the only ornament on the tree not hand made. You can see the pulled thread angel very well in this pic and just behind her on the right is one of my favorite beaded ornaments with a cherub on top. Above right of that ornie is one of the first ones I made (now 50 years ago). It is a plastic pear with a hole cut in the front. I added a bit of cotton inside to represent snow and put a small partridge on a limb inside as well and added glitter around the cut edge. You can see one of my crocheted butterflies and below that is an appliqued quilted ornament. By the way there were four dozen real candy canes on the tree as well. They are the individually wrapped ones. The last photo is "the whole" thing and I even learned how to rotate a pic with this one (and the other tree pics).


At 2/08/2007 11:54:00 AM, Blogger Thelma said...

They are so beautiful. How awesome!!

At 2/08/2007 02:14:00 PM, Blogger Ribbonwiz said...

Beautiful Norma!
I love the tatted ornies, especially the little angel..


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