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Sunday, February 11, 2007

TAST 5 and 6 plus a cq square

For some reason my photographer's camera was having trouble with my favorite piece of the Chevron Stitch group so it will not be seen at this time. This top group of stitches is done on pink Hardanger fabric with the first pattern stitched using three strands of DMC floss. It really looks like a honeycomb to me. The second stitching used #16 green perle as the bottom layer and #8 brown perle as the top layer.
Pattern number three uses #16 navy perle with a single strand of DMC red floss done in Algerian Eyelet (I had no idea that stitch would be the next week's challenge). The fourth pattern uses #8 perle in pink and green with a single strand of DMC brown. The flower bud was made with three strands of DMC and I used the Colonial Knot. The last pattern on this sample was done with three strands green DMC and a single strand of blue DMC.

This sampler was done on 18ct Aida and although pattern number one and number two look very similar there is a major difference. For these two groups I used Caron Wildflowers and the lower group has a wider and taller spacing. The diamond pattern is stitched with two strands DMC for the diamond, Lazy Daisy and straight stitches. A #16 bright pink perle was also used for some of the straight stitches as well as the Colonial Knots. The last pattern was done with three strands DMC; the Colonial Knot flowers with four strands and the flower stem in #8 perle.

My first sampler with the Algerian Eyelet was stitched on 28ct Quaker Cloth in a grey shading. The first row was stitched over two with two strands of floss. The second row was stitched over four with two strands of floss and the triple clusters were stitched with two strands of floss over six threads. I used a varigated green for these stitchings. The magenta eyelet also used two strands of floss and was stitched over eight threads. Although I could have used beads on any of these stitches I chose not to do so.

This second eyelet sampler is done on 19ct Cork Linen and the first pattern is done in #5 perle. The second pattern uses red, gold, and red again in #5 perle. The three eyelets were double stitched using a #12 perle. I really enjoyed stitching the red and gold star and can see lots of possibilities here. I was really challenged in stitching the overlapping "stars" done with #5 perle in burgandy. I'm really trying to break away from my normal color choices.

This sampler has room for another variation when I decide what to put there. These two patterns were stitched on 14ct. Aida. The top pattern of interlocking stars was stitched with a varigated thread. It was one I bought several years ago but didn't have a label, only a color number. I seperated the strands and worked with only one. The bottom pattern was stitched half with #5 green and #5 maroon perle.

Here is one 12" crazy quilt square that I may have finished the stitching. The large white portion has two of my free-form flowers. They were stitched with several sizes of threads and various stitches. This was my first "out of the box" design and I really enjoyed the stitching. I have used double-sided 1/8" satin ribbon for a Colonial Knot seam treatment, at the rooster's tail. The vine in the upper left is stitched with silk ribbon and I also used Colonial Knots in silk ribbon for the buds. I did dye the flower and leaf motif. The bright pink heart was also dyed by me and I attached it with bright pink beads. That is one of my crocheted doilies in the upper right hand corner. The flower treatment in the lower right hand corner was done with waste canvas using one of Pamela Kellog's (kittyandmedesigns) 100 days designs. Below that is a "fancy" yarn couched with a single strand of floss using French Knots. The monogram is stitched on 18ct Aida and attached via Buttonhole. Other seam treatments include the Herringbone, several variations of Buttonhole and detached chain, etc.


At 2/12/2007 01:11:00 AM, Blogger crazyQstitcher said...

Norma all of your work is beautiful. I love the interlocking stars on the Aida and your crochet doily is gorgeous. I've never seen one with leaves like this. The colours are great too.

At 2/12/2007 02:43:00 AM, Blogger kay susan said...

What an exquisite set of samples. Really nice work.

At 2/12/2007 05:02:00 AM, Blogger Margaret said...

I also love the interlocking eyelet stitch you've done. It looks like blackwork. It is great how you try so many variations.

At 2/14/2007 08:49:00 PM, Blogger Susan said...

You've really done some wonderful sampler stitching. Are you making a book with these when you finish the year? I really love that last piece, with the Eyelet stitch alternating a half step down. That make a great secondary design! Interlocking, that's the word I couldn't think of. =)


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