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Monday, June 02, 2008

More Round Robin blocks And Other Things

A couple of weeks ago I joined another Yahoo stitching group ..... this time a knitting group. It is a group honoring Elizabeth Zimmermann .... I mentioned it on my last post. Well, one of the "projects" for this year (a different project each month) is the Pi Shawl. A project I completed a few years back. There is a different Pi Shawl pattern in the book that I will also knit. Anyway this shawl was knitted with a lace weight yarn that was discontinued about the time I purchased my yarn and fortunately I planned ahead and had sufficient yarn to complete my project. I haven't measured it but it hangs over a full size bed and I thoroughly enjoyed the knitting process. I love lace in any form.

I just had to show you my "Food Fight" exchange block from the CQ4Newbies group. I sent in my "Grandmother's Pumpkin Pie" block and received back "Blueberry Muffins" stitched by Debbie in Maine. I haven't yet had the opportunity to try the receipe that accompanied the block. Debbie shows all the ingredients plus a couple of "baked" Blueberry Muffins. She even found some "Always KISS the COOK" bits to sew at the top. The sugar and flour sacks are stuffed with batting to look like the old time sugar and flour sacks. A really delightful block. Thank you Debbie, I really enjoy looking at my muffin block.

In the mail this past weekend I received TWO not one but two blocks for a basket round robin that I'm participating in on another of my cq groups. When they leave me one will be going home and the other has one more stop. The owner of the pastel basket block is Lindy from Australia and has one more stop to make before going home. I hope to post a photo after I've added my stitching bits.

This bright colored basket block is entitled "Cute Bugs in My Basket of Flowers" and is owned by Wendy in California. I believe she is planning this square as part of a "Bug and Flower quilt for her daughter. This is a bright cheerful block and I've already one idea in mind. I do need to remember to leave some room for Wendy to add her personal touches. Like me, Wendy sent her block out nekkid in order to put on the finishing touches. I'll try to post a photo after my stitching bits have been added. I need to get started on these as I'll soon receive the fourth seasonal block from CQ4Newbies that has a deadline. Well, the basket ones also have a deadline but since I have two I'll be allowed a little extra time (I hope!).

Back to my knitting group. On my last post I showed two squares of a Mystery Blanket that was the project of the month for the group when I joined. As I had always like the looks of this blanket I began working on it right away. Well one of the squares was slightly larger than the other and when I did this first square it matched one of the others. So, the "too big square" went back on the needles and I'm adding ribbing to make it into a hat. I'll show it in a later post after its completion.

Square #4 .... in reality square #3 is almost complete. As you can see these squares are knitted on circular needles .... I think that is part of the mystery - how can something knitted in the round become square!!!!!! Hee, hee, it does!


At 6/02/2008 06:15:00 PM, Blogger SH Sue said...

Norma - I love your work. I, too, am getting into knitting lace. Yours is georgeous. Any hints for another newby? sue

At 6/02/2008 07:08:00 PM, Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

You do absolutely beautiful work...and such a variety! Very inspirational :)
Judy in Indiana

At 6/03/2008 06:51:00 AM, Blogger gocrazywithme said...

Very impressive lace shawl! Is there any kind of needlework you can't do?

At 6/03/2008 11:26:00 AM, Blogger Gerry said...

Really pretty, Norma. Looks like you got the hang of photos, too!


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