Norma's Needleworkz

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Some sane quilting

This is called Amish Bars and is my batting sampler teaching piece. Hearts are quilted in each of the four corners as well as in the center top border. A Pennsylvania Dutch Flower Urn is quilted in the center panel and the remainder of the quilt is done in an all over 3/4" grid. As with all Amish quilts all quilting was done with black thread. The batting samples include 100% cotton; 100% wool; polyester hi-loft, lo-loft and traditional; as well as a piece of flannel. This is a touchy-feely piece for feeling the various types of batting.

This wall hanging is known as Celtic Quilting and is done with applique and bias tape. The tape is 'woven' in such a manner as to appear to have no beginning nor end. If you have ever examined Celtic designs you can never seem to find where they begin and end. That is the effect I achieved. What look like empty squares are two different Celtic Quilting patterns. At one time I had thought about doing a full quilt of Celtic patterns but now I have moved on to other types of quilting.

Believe it or not these next two hangings were taken from the same piece of fabric. I was presented with a piece of English Chintz with large floral designs. The two designs I chose were backed with an iron-on lightweight interfacing and cut out. The daffodils were then machine appliqued with invisible thread onto the blue background. This piece was stipple machine quilted with a blue rayon thread. My first attempt at using the rayon thread for machine quilting and I am pleased with the results. The second design, the panseys. is done in the shadow quilting technique. The design is layered on a peach background and covered with organza. It is hand quilted in the Hawaiian quilting style. To highlight portions of the leaves and petals I used a micro pen.