Norma's Needleworkz

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bits and Pieces

It has been quite a few weeks since my last blog post but I've been very, very busy. On my CQ4Newbies list we've just completed a Grand Motif Swap. This is a big event with this group and although I don't exchange as many baggies as some of the gals, this is one event I look forward to as I am always amazed at the creativity of this group. The top photo shows the goodies I received in exchange for my tatting bits and pieces.

Finally completed another pair of knitted socks that I began back in September 2008. I used a Beaded Rib pattern for the leg and instep and knitted from the toe up. The pattern shows up better when they are worn.

On my last post I showed a couple of "nekkid" bobbin lace pillows ...... well, they are now covered. The wine one above is known as the "one-and-only" because of the interchangeable parts. It is supposed to be the one and only pillow you'll ever need. Now do you know any needleworker that is ever satisfied with a "one-and-only" tool of any kind?????!!!!!! At least not me LOL I will use this pillow for my next bobbin lace piece as this is the pillow I'll take to my lace retreat in June and I need to try it out.

Of course, a new pillow needs a new carrying bag. I had on hand a nice piece of upholstery fabric that would compliment not only my "one-and-only" pillow but also my new roller pillow. There are open outside pockets on each side and the bag has the top portion folded down inside as this is the size I need for this particular pillow.

Here is the carry bag expanded to its full size. The pattern was originally intended to carry up to a full-size quilt but it works great for my bobbin lace classes.

Here is my newly covered roller pillow for my bobbin lace. The braid around the roller opening is also around the circumference of my "one-and-only" pillow.

My teacher's roller pillow with my current piece of lace in the working stage. This is just my second piece of lace and I learned how to make spiders, as well as cloth stitch and half stitch diamonds on a rose ground background.

My second piece of lace finished! I had to tie off this piece by myself and tried a fringe tying technique. My teacher hasn't seen this piece yet as my next class is Monday, April 20th. My first project will be started then. I already have my bobbins wound, including gimp (I'll be using a color accent for this) and I'll be learning how to make picots. Picots in bobbin lace are quite different from picots in tatting or crochet. Knowing how to do gimp and picots are necessary for my lace retreat class in June. I'm nervous and excited about my first lace retreat, but my teacher is working hard to get me up to snuff and she assures me the teacher is excellent and always glad to have newbies in her classes. Until next time we meet be blessed.