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Monday, June 25, 2007

More TAST Catch-up

I apologize that some of these pictures are fuzzy but at least I've begun stitching a little. The first sample is of the Basque Stitch which is a totally new stitch for me but I found it very interesting and enjoyable. A good stitch to get back with. My Basque Stitch sample is stitched on 18 ct. linen and the top left samples were stitched with #8 perle cotton with #5 perle cotton used on the curve and for the flowers. I want to explore this stitch more.

As you can see, this is still a WIP sample. Again I used 18 ct. linen and for the Crossed Buttonhole, another new concept for me, I used a gold #5 perle cotton for the top row and Edmar's Lola for the second row. I have started the Wheat Ear Stitch also on this piece of linen and will go back and add to this stitch. Because I've only done one small row of Butterfly Chain I am not posting that one with these 'catch-up' samplings.

I cheated a little with these next two pieces. The piece above is a needlepoint piece I completed in 2003 and uses the Satin Stitch.

This Christmas piece is crewel work and incorporates the Satin Stitch and French Knots, as well as the Wrapped Wheel among other stitches.

I think with the Long and Short Stitch this basically catches me up but I still need to explore some of these stitches. For the Long and Short I went back to my Bargello idea book but used Aida #14 and #3 perle cotton. I really enjoy Bargello stitching but up to now have always used canvas and wool threads. The idea of using cotton counted thread fabric and perle cotton threads proved very interesting. Thanks to Sharon of inaminuteago I am really trying to get out of my stitching box. I am signed up for her newest class that starts on July 11 and looking forward to more new stitching ideas.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Little Bit of Catch-up

It has been a few weeks now since I've been able to post any Take A Stitch Tuesday stitchings. These two were done and ready to post back on week 18 but due to life presenting a challenge I am only now able to post them. This first sample of Woven Wheel/Whipped Wheel was stitched on 26 ct linen. The top left fan of flowers was woven with #8 perle and the detached chain stitches were worked with #70 tatting thread. The pistol stitch flowers were worked with Needle Necessities overdyed thread. The blue wheel base in the middle was stitched with #8 perle and #5 perle was used to whip. The far wheel on the right also used the #8 for the base and #5 for the weaving. DMC silver metallic was used to tie this wheel. The bottom left basket was also woven with #8 varigated thread. This basket is slightly different from the first in that only the #8 varigated thread was used. The top of this basket has elongated detatched chains filled with colonial knots.

My first attempt at stitching a topiary tree! The fabric is 32 ct linen and the woven basket with feet was stitched using six strands DMC floss. The trunk of the tree is whipped running stitch worked with Caron's Watercolors. The spider web rose was worked with both 4mm and 7mm silk ribbon. I added a crystal seed beed in the center for a "dew" drop. The detached chain leaves and the white French knot flowers surrounding the rose were also stitched with silk ribbon. These two samples were the last worked before the death of my dear hubby and it is slow getting back to the ones I have fallen behind with, but this week I did manage to do a little on several of those stitches which I hope to add later this week.

Before my hubby's illness made him weaker I set up a new technique (for me) that I became interested in a number of years ago when I saw it demonstrated at one of our local EGA meetings. Bobbin lace caught my fancy but I just keep putting it off. In April of this year I decided that maybe now was the time to learn so I ordered the kit and set it up. The set up is as far as I have gone at the moment. When the time is right I now have something new to learn.

Several months ago someone on one of the lists I'm on asked if anyone knew about "Palls" and for those of you who do not know this term it is a casket cover and used in place of flowers. Several years ago I purchased a book about various types of quilted palls and so in April I knew it was time to make one for my hubby. It is only a small quilted cover (20" square) but has very special meaning. The center has a quilted lyre stitched in gold silk thread. The rest of the quilting is white on white. The special meaning - not only did my hubby sing in school choirs but he played violin and viola in the Youth Symphony. Bill loved his music and often teased me about taking my bucket when I went to church choir practice. You see, my sweet hubby said I can't carry a tune in a bucket but I do love to "make a joyful noise"!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Brief Hello

Hi Everyone,
Due to circumstances beyond my control I was without a computer from May 6 until June 5. I would not have been able to make use of the computer even if it was in working order as I was needed to increase the amount of care my precious hubby needed as his earthly life drew to a peaceful close on May 26 after many long years of struggle.

Daily I face new challenges and am in need of returning to needle and thread to find additional solace and peace. Because of my stitching angel, KTJ, many of my around the world friends kept me lifted up in prayer and my life has been filled with love and blessings. Thank you dear friends for all your love and concern and I wish you all peace and blessings today and always.