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Friday, April 06, 2007

The Gathering at Eastertime in Australia

About eight months ago Brenda, from Texas, mentioned the idea of visiting Australia and I, living in Virginia, jumped on the band wagon as wanting to come along. The ball started rolling and several of the Aussie group found the gathering idea a delightful one, so the plans began. One of the things we decided to do was to make a crazy quilt square for each other. Ideas of likes, dislikes, colors, etc. were passed back and forth and the stitching began.

Several days ago some of the Crazy Quilting Friends began gathering in Australia at the home of our hostess, Sandie. I say 'our' because initially I had planned to be a part of that group. But life has a way of changing plans as my hubby's health initiated his becoming a part of hospice and as he continued to decline I had to back out of attending. Since my squares were completed, lovely Brenda offered to take them with her, and so I mailed them to her. A part of me did make it to Australia to be with the other girls. I think this is the day they will be exchanging squares so I'll share the ones I made with you. Naturally I will begin with the one for the hostess, Sandie. Now everyone knows that Sandie loves pinks and things Victorian. Well, Victorian things are still new to me as far as putting them into my cq. On each of the squares I made I put something that was special to me. On Sandie's square I put a piece of my tatting, some hand-dyed lace and a piece of my grandmother's crochet which is almost 100 years old.

The rest of the squares are not in any special order. This second square is for Maureen B. who likes all things cream. Soft pinks and peaches give a little oomph to creams and so, Maureen, I hope this works for you. I did dye the angel, which I think Maureen is, and the fan is hand crocheted but was not made by me.

This square is for Catherine and I used some of my hand-dyed cluny lace and experimented with using beads and tried some stitch variations that were new to me. The little scottie button is a play on her last name.

Hee, hee, this is the first square I did and it is for Viv. I'm laughing because I tried to make a pansy for the center and it came out looking like an iris, so ....... I added some thick cotton matte embroidery thread to complete the iris look. How did I do Viv? I did do the tatted butterfly which is worked in two colors and added some pink hand-dyed lace. Do you get the feeling that all these Aussie ladies like pink?

Ah, dear Bear, another of our gals that couldn't make the trip due to family illness. We're still having fun looking at al the picies aren't we? Now Bear does exquisite SRE and I'm just a beginner, but I did a daisy cause I know she likes them. The center piece has the most gorgeous butterfly and so I had to use it for this square. Now Bear does not like spiders nor their webs in any way, shape, or form, so for good luck on her square I tatted a shamrock which is also for good luck. Even found some tiny shamrock buttons to add.

Dear Julia, another of the gals who likes all things Victorian. To me that meant soft colors and dainty flowers. I've since learnd that the Victorian ladies liked bold colors and lots of lacy things. I did dye the lace and tatted the butterflies. But I didn't get very Victorian or did I? Hope this works for you dear friend.

This square is for Lady Brenda Ann, the gal from Texas, who started this whole thing. I don't know about the rest of you but one thing that came out in Brenda's posts was a vibrant, outgoing personality and so, that is what I tried to show in the square I made for her. I gathered some cotton eyelet that I had died pink and made a flower to which I added a ladybug. Lady Brenda needs a ladybug! The flower motif is hand painted and I added beads to the butterfly motif. Also dyed the lace.

Maria, I just know you and Brenda have had lots of fun together for several days before the gathering at Sandie's. Did you stay up all night laughing and giggling? I decided to try one of the ciggie silks here but there really wasn't a border to I had to applique it on using some fancy yarn and beads. I did do the tatting and dyed the dragonfly. Another little cluster of SRE roses. I'm not sure if they were stitched by Sandie or someone else.

Mary is another of the group who couldn't come and I didn't know how to rotate this square so it is not a properly edited photo. Sorry, Mary, both that you weren't able to be there and that this is not a proper pic. When I found out she likes to sing, and since I also sing, I just had to put some music on her square. BTW Mary that center piece is from my favorite silk skirt. The first piece of my own clothing that I cut up for cq. It still fit but was of a style that did not suit a grandmother tee hee! One of my favorite plants, Pampas Grass is stitched using one of the eyelash knitting yarns and I tried some SRE roses.

Andria, another who couldn't make it. The tatting pieces are my work Andria and the bouquet of SRE roses were made by Sandie, although I used some of the special yarn purchased from Viv and Mary to form a lacy edging around the bouquet. The butterfly in the center was received in a butterfly swap from another group.

This square is for Margaret. Her hubby is in the hospital at the time of the get together and she, too, is unable to be with the group. This all happened after I had mailed my squares to Brenda. Margaret, you will eventually receive this square. It has the first and at this time the only paisley I've stitched. I also hand dyed the blue lace and the dragonfly. Margaret likes dragonflies.

Kathy, from Australia and the States, is spending time in the states with her mom who is quite ill. Kathy is a beginning cqer and did not feel like she could do squares for the group. I made her a square anyway because I felt like she should have something to remember the gathering. I think right now she especially needs a kindness sent her way. Somehow Kathy, you will receive your square. It is very simple, nothing elaborate, just love involved.

Although this makes thirteen squares I just had to do one for myself. I dyed the peacock and used some beads on the tail. Even did a grouping of SRE spiderweb roses and couched some glittery yarn.

Maureen sent me piccies of all her squares which I will look at later today and I received a square from Margaret in the mail which I put aside to open today. I didn't peek Bear. Believe me it has been tempting to look at my actual square and the photos of Maureen's squares but I wanted to have that pleasure closer to the time of the swap.

I hope the girls are planning another get together ....... Can't wait to hear how the classes went and how much stitching you all got done!!!!!!!!


At 4/07/2007 06:37:00 AM, Blogger Bear said...

well darling for a beginner CQer you have well and truly excelled- I adore my block and I know the others will adore theirs as well- your tatting and other dying have come up a treat- girl you are well and truly on your way congratulation on such beautiful squares- maybe another year you and I may be able to make a gathering and get to know each other in person
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

At 4/09/2007 01:45:00 PM, Blogger katiejayinpa said...

wonderful squares Norma....very well put together and the colors you used work so well with each other...i know the group will love them!I also like the story you told at the beginning of the post and with each of the area very good writer and know how to express yourself very well. Your special crochet from your gramms is going to make Sandie cry....i sure would be!


At 4/15/2007 02:43:00 PM, Blogger Thelma said...

Wow Norma,
Awesome work. I loved looking at all those blocks. The ladies are going to love them. I know I would.

At 4/21/2007 05:27:00 PM, Blogger DelightfullyCrazy said...

Hello Norma, I never got to see all your blocks at the get together, but it was sure nice to see them all on your blog! They are all gorgeous and I love mine dearly! Hugs

At 5/01/2007 05:28:00 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

Fantastic work. I've always loved crazy quilting, but never had enough nerve to try it. Now my time is filled with doing brazilian dementional embroidery. I love doing handwork.


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