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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gift Basket, etc.

Back in the Spring on my Crazy Quilting Sisters group we began a "Baskets" theme round robin. Somewhere along the line two of us didn't receive our blocks back as life happened hard to one of our group. Another of our group, Wendy, took it upon herself to make complete blocks for the two of us and I wanted to share the beautiful block she sent me. In the center is a white crocheted basket with a blue ribbon woven near the top. Silk flowers of all kinds are overflowing from that basket! In the upper left hand corner is a white lace basket filled with bead flowers and leaves. There is also a gold basket charm tied with a pink ribbon in the lower left hand portion. Near that basket is a pink tatted "doily" with a blue center. One seam is worked with peach silk flower blossoms centered with white pearls. Wendy embroidered the word Baskets, added butterflies and some white tatted lace in the upper right corner. The remainder of the block is filled with butterflies, a silk ribbon rose with a silver filagree leaf, beautiful embroidery, buttons, gold filagree and additional lace trims. She also sent some gorgeous stash builders. Thank you Wendy, your generousity is overwhelming.

Another pair of warm woolen socks ready for cold weather. Nothing special about these. Just your basic ribbed socks in a brown flecked yarn that only took less than a week to knit. Fancier socks take a bit longer. The current pair I'm knitting are of cotton and have a lace pattern ..... 3/4's of one sock to go and another pair completed. Contemplating my next pair as I want to try a "toes up" pattern. On one of the sock groups I belong to many are saying the "toes up" socks are easier .... no weaving the toes together as when knit from the top down. We'll see!

Okay, I haven't officially begun my bobbin lace class yet so this is the last piece of "un-tutored" attempt you'll see. When describing this stitch - Half Stitch - to my online lacer friends I was told this was a hard stitch for a beginner. Well, I can understand why ... but this stitch came out so much nicer than my very first attempt at the Cloth Stitch. I've since learned that I don't have proper tension and I can see some major errors in this piece but I'm saving it (along with the other piece) so that I can compare my un-tutored attempt with what I'll learn with proper instruction.

Some skills such as knitting, embroidery, crochet and basic needlepoint can be learned on your own with good instructions and the proper supplies. Fortunately I haven't acquired any "bad" habits as far as bobbin lace goes .... just a couple of days trying to figure things out on my own. I realized quickly that I needed good personal and visual instruction. The next time I share bobbin lace here will be with a proper piece of lace.


At 9/27/2008 12:05:00 PM, Blogger Threadhead said...

oooooh.....aaaaaaaah.... beautiful CQ block!

At 9/28/2008 01:02:00 PM, Blogger Miss 376 said...

What a beautiful block. Can't wait to see your lace once you have had lessons

At 9/28/2008 01:58:00 PM, Blogger NormaH said...

Thanks girls, it really is a beautiful block .... my photos just don't do it justice.

At 10/01/2008 06:01:00 PM, Blogger Susan said...

Very nice of her to replace your block. I wish I could see it up close! =) I love your socks. I should buy yarn and send it to you to make me some socks. LOL! I'll never knit in a 1000 years. There will always be something else to learn first. I can see your bobbin lace is already better with this piece. I have no doubt that after a class or two, you will be steaming along with wonderful pieces. =)

At 10/02/2008 08:16:00 AM, Blogger NormaH said...

Thank you Susan, you are always so encouraging.

At 10/06/2008 10:50:00 PM, Blogger zarina said...

Oh no - then I need to find a teacher for bobbin lace here in Malaysia.

At 10/07/2008 04:13:00 AM, Blogger NormaH said...

Zarina, I've taught myself many needlework skills just by reading and doing, but I'm definitely better off having a bobbin lace teacher. I hope you find one for yourself as it makes all the difference in the world!

At 10/14/2008 10:46:00 PM, Blogger Guzzisue said...

Hi, yes I ended up having a few lessons to learn the basics then went back to books but kept in touch with the local lace society for a few years even after I'd stopped making lace. Have recentley started again after a break of 10 year or so.

At 11/17/2008 02:10:00 PM, Blogger Julia said...

Bobbin lace looks so hard Maureen, you are brave to tackle it!
Love the socks, I'm going to learn to knit them, our first lesson is in December..

At 11/22/2008 01:17:00 AM, Blogger Janice Lois said...

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