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Sunday, October 07, 2007

TAST Week 40 and a Quilt Auction

Tast week 40 was to stitch a Linked Double Chain. This was a new stitch for me and I really didn't experiment with it all that much as I was trying to complete a swap and a round robin which I've decided not to post here at this time. My Linked Double Chain is stitched on 18ct. Aida and I used #5 DMC perle cotton for both samples. I can see some wonderful possibilities for my cq stitchings.

Since I'm using quite a bit of 18ct. Aida for my TAST stitches and some other practice stitchings I thought I would experiment a bit with dyeing some of my small pieces of fabric. I used only ecru Aida as I haven't pulled out my small white pieces at this time and then too, most of my fabric dyeing has been with white pieces and I really wanted to see how colors would work on ecru. For the top piece I used some left-over blue and the dropper just splotching at random. Following that I used some left-over red in one of my spritzer bottles. I did wet the fabric before applying the dyes and then heat set them by zapping in the microwave.

For the second dyeing examples I used yellow with the ecru. I applied the dye on the top piece with the dropper. I dye some of my pieces using an old plastic turntable that at one time I had used for a spice rack. This "tool" holds water quite nicely so for the second of my yellow experimental pieces I just took the fabric and wiped up the yellow water with it. Both pieces were zapped in the microwave to heat set. As you can see the top piece has a very nice mottled look. The bottom piece doesn't show quite as well but dyed a very soft yellow and I am well pleased with the results. Now to decide what to stitch on these pieces. And to dye some more fabric!

On Saturday, October 6, My #1Son and I attended the 41st Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale Quilt Auction. There are hundreds of beautiful quilts auctioned with all the funds going to provide financial aid to disaster victims around the world. There are not just quilts being auctioned off but beautifully crafted pieces of furniture as well. We leave home early enough to have a very filling breakfast and time to preview all the items to be auctioned off. Although the auction officially begins on Friday night we are unable to get there for that portion. As it is we left my home before 5:30am and were eating breakfast just a little before 7:30am. These auctions take place in various parts of the country and are well worth attending. Did I buy anthing? Not any of the auctioned items but did make several small purchases that fit my budget. I do want to share some of the gorgeous quilts along with a couple of comments.

This first one I'm showing is "Bargello Heart", pieced with white, black, red, and grey is 83 x100 and sold for a small bid of $325. Way too low for this work of art.

This "Star Quilt" is piece and appliequed with navy, black, reds, and cream and measures 106 x 116 and sold for $750.

You can see I really liked the "star" quilts and they were among the most popular with the bidders as well. This "Mariners Star" quilt is made of blue, mauve, prints and beige fabrics and measures 106 x 108 and sold for $800.

This "Mariner's Compass" quilt is of plum, ssage, and off-white fabrics and measured 96 x 110 and sold for $2000.

I looked long and hard for anything that resembled crazy quilting and found only two pieces. This velvet wall hanging measured 17 x 38 and all seams were stitched only with the Feather Stitch or simple variations and sold for #225.

Prices for the quilts ran the gamut and this little quilt was the one that brought in the most money for this auction. It is a "Feed Sack Wall Hanging/Crib Quilt" and all the patterned fabric came from 1930-40's feed sacks. It measured 34 x 49 and sold for $6100. Yes, that figure is correct - $6100.

There were several "whole" cloth quilts, mostly whites, but one in ecru and this one in off-white. You really have to look to see the pattern on this one and it is one that if my budget had allowed, I would have placed a bid. This is called "Feathered Heart", measured 95 x 108 and sold for $1000.

This photo is of the other crazy quilt style. It is a tied "Comforter", made of woolen material and all the seams were embroidered. Here again, only with the Feather Stitch or variations. This piece measured 72 x 92 and sold for #350.

The last quilt photo is called "Rose of Sharon Quilt". It is appliqued navy and green on off-white and measured 104 x 104 and sold for $910. It was very difficult trying to decide which of the quilts to share and we are already planning to attend next year. The first auction I attended was with my hubby in 1980 and that is where we purchased my beautiful hand-made quilt frame. A very unique design ..... has wood rachets to make it easily adjustable and accommodates up to a king-size quilt. I attended a number of years after that until hubby's illness prevented me from attending. It was good to go and see all the beautiful quilts.


At 10/08/2007 08:22:00 AM, Blogger gocrazywithme said...

Norma, the quilts are wonderful, and what a fun day for you and your son! I love seeing your TAST stitching, too. It amazes me that it's still going on after all this time. There are way more stitches in the world than I ever dreamed!
Janet in Colorado


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